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Take running or direct contact with your fear completely off the table.
Feel safe. This is your journey.
Start with how you authentically feel.
Turn off "shoulds."
Is there an ideal way you wish you could interact with the space that holds your fear?
i.e. space is the open road, interaction is walking instead of running? Or doing something alone instead of with others.
Could you redesign how the space works, so it works for you?
Reclaim the space as yours, on your terms.
Set your space. Walk it or set it up.
Take your time. Get comfortable with it.
Do what you can do powerfully in a way you love to do it.
Walk  that power confidently, indefinitely, under no pressure.
Explore supportive activities that resonate, practice some that you approve, that help​ make your
efforts easier. 
If you haven't already, enlist guides
and resources that resonate with
where you are now.
Don't feel any pressure to move yourself forward until you are authentically, internally inspired to do so.
Before you attempt to challenge yourself in your space, trust yourself completely to keep yourself safe. 
Remember, this is the space of "nevers", it requires more patience and gentleness. There's "force and fire" empowerment for most things easily accessible. If that worked for you it would have already. 
Go as slow as you can until there's an opening in this space that you want to step forward into rather than the constant defense position you've always felt.
If and when you come across challenges into your "never"/fear zone, whether they are your idea or a guide's idea, observe them objectively without committment.
You've established by now that you don't have to participate if you don't want to - no more pressure, no set agenda. Your standard is what is right for YOU, not what you think you should be able to do compared to others.
So listen to yourself, is the challenge right for you now? 
As you continue to practice that listening and responding and honoring you strengthen your trust with yourself.
In this way, when challenges are offered you can feel confident to engage them knowing you are by your side the whole way should you need to adjust as you go or abort altogether.
Once you are confident to engage challenges, continue to pace yourself as needed to maintain confidence. 
Sometimes challenges you decide to take on for yourself will end up pushing you further than you're comfortable. Feel empowered to pull back and get comfortable again. This will help maintain your confidence and the lasting safety you feel with yourself.
Now you have transformed and redeemed your "never" authentically on your terms into a holistic space you designed to support your desires.
The trust you have with yourself issues genuine safety which makes the fear unnecessary and non-existent. You are now confidently limitless to acheive the fullness of your desires and realize more and more what's possible.
The practice you've cultivated has empowered you and will continue to do so indefinitely.
How extraordinary.
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